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Temple Projects

The goals of the expansion project include

  1.  Extending the prayer hall to accommodate more devotes and more space for prayers
  2.  Adding new bathroom and showers to facilitate devotees who come from work and or stay overnight for prayers and offerings.
  3.  Creating a space for an administrative office with books and library to help facilitate education and camps for children.

As we take this next big step we would like for the community to help us with this journey and growth. Our goal is to better be equipped to accommodate a larger congregation with special emphasis in encouraging our youth and young professionals to get involved in the temple and community activities.

We take this opportunity to earnestly appeal for your continued support by contributing to any of the above goals to complete the project. As you can imagine the costs including materials, labor and cleaning add up quickly, and we look forward to your support!

All contributions are tax deductible.

May the blessings of Bhaghwanji be always with you and your family.

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