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Shri Shiv Dham Hindu Temple is the spiritual center of the Orlando Hindu community. The Hindu mandir or Hindu temple is a place of worship for Hindus, followers of Hinduism. The Orlando Hindu temple is dedicated in offering a place for Hindus in Orlando to practice their faith in a peaceful, tranquil and spiritual environment.

A unique feature of this Orlando Hindu mandir is its international congregation which is reflective of the Orlando Hindu Diaspora. The Shri Shivdham Hindu Temple is committed to serving the Orlando Hindus and the larger Central Florida community in their endeavor towards a spiritual path to oneness with god.


The Shri Shiv Dham Hindu Temple was founded and donated by disciple Mohini Lakraj and family in 2001. Before the construction, founder of the Brahmrishi Mission, Gurudev Brahmrishi Swami Vishvatma Bawra Ji Maharaj together with Swami Chidghanand Parivrajak walked the land to bless yet another temple that would be built as part of the growing mission.

Soon thereafter, with an approved 501 (C) (3), the temple was built in 2002 with only a lingam installed along with yoga and meditation classes taught by the esteemed Swami Chidghanand Parivrajak. Installation continued with a Shiva murti in 2003, marking the grand opening of the temple during Mahashivratri. Later, the installation of the murtis of Ganeshji, Mataji Durga, and Naugraha came.

As the temple progressed, expansion of the mandir grew. An outpour of support came from the community to build alters for a Hanumanji murti and later a Radha-Krishna murti. With these expansions completed, the Shri Shiv Dham now has seven deities in place.

In 2016, Shiv Dham continued to further its growth by housing two priests and planning to expand the temple further. Plans have been put into place to extend the front of the building and move the bathrooms at the back of the temple, adding showers within.

Besides puja services, the temple provides a youth group, yoga classes, and Veda and Gita classed to promote enlightenment and sense of well-being. A full list of classes can be seen on the temple website. Guruji impacts the lives of many and is an excellent teacher of Sanatan Dharm. We are continuously looking for community growth and support within the temple. It will only enhance the teachings of Sanatan Dharma and is greatly appreciated.

Neighborhood and Community

The Shiv Dham Hindu Temple Orlando nestled at 460 Obery Hoover Rd, embodies a vibrant hub of spiritual devotion and cultural heritage. Its neighborhood resonates with a tapestry of diverse communities, drawn together by shared values and the essence of Hindu tradition. The temple serves not only as a place of worship but also as a cultural center, where languages, customs, and beliefs converge harmoniously. From lively festivals like Maha Shiv Ratri, Holi & Diwali to quiet moments of meditation, each day brings opportunities for connection and spiritual growth.

For further information please call (407) 380-2661 or email us at

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