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Guruji Biography

From the humble beginnings of a noble Brahmin family that hailed from the village of Kanwal Gyanpur, in Varanasi, there came the founder of the Brahmrishi Mission, Gurudev Brahmrishi Swami Vishwatma Bawraji Maharj. Youngest of three, he sought little interest in formal education. Rather, he herded cows and wrestled throughout his childhood.

As Guruji reached adulthood, the pull towards a sense of higher elevation brought him to H.H. Bhagwan Chandra Mauli Ji Maharaj, a great Yogi, whom Guruji fully surrendered to as a disciple. As the time came, Guruju, with guidance, left his home and family to be initiated into the Shri Vaishnav Order, founded by the great Vaishnavacharya Shri Swami Ram Swaroop Dass Ji Maharaj.

In Ayodhya, Guruji immersed himself in the great ocean of knowledge of ancient studies, philosophical treaties, all forms of yoga, spiritual practices and great austerities taught by many esteemed great Mahayogis. Guruji never limited his intake of knowledge. He continued to master the knowledge of the modern science of history, social sciences politics, and psychology. As Guruji, without any formal education, mastered numerous disciplines of studies, he became Paramhansa, a great Yogi.

The time also came when his Guruji gave orders to go back into society and share the knowledge that he mastered. Traveling all over the world, Guruji lectured on the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy. This allowed Guruji to amass followers from all over the world to join him. And in 1965, Guruji established his first ashram of the mission in Udaipur, Rajasthan. In 1974, the main ashram was located in Virat Nagar, Haranya, India. Disciples from all over the world began to attend classes at the ashram, with the basic understanding of the mission, “Wisdom, Love, Service.”

Gurudev continued to lecture all over the world, becoming a prominent speaker and a published author of many works, including Dharma Vigyan Bhasya. He was very active member of Nirdeshak Mandal of Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti and represented India in the World Religion Conference in 1991. On his India Yatra tour, Guruji set out teach on Sanatan Dharma to the masses. It was during this time that Guruji reached Mahasamadhi while meditating. A rare feat, according to the Bhagavad Gita.

Throughout his life, Gurudev Brahmrishi Swami Vishwatma Bawraji Maharj teachings has taught and inspired many to live a life according to Sanatan Dharma. His compassion has led to many blessings that guide us through this life. Today, the Brahmrishi Mission branch in Orlando Florida, Shri Shiv Dham Hindu Temple, serves to preserve and keep lecturing Guruji’s teachings under Swami Chidghanand Parivrajak.

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